Cancer is Back… And We’re Gonna Kick it…. AGAIN!!!

I cant believe I am typing this. I tried earlier. And I couldnt. I really just couldn’t believe it. But now I’ve pinched myself mutliple times and I’m definitely (and unfortunately) not dreaming.

Nick’s doctors told us today, after his MRI and a subsequent biopsy, that his cancer is back in full force.

We will be heading home tomorrow and will get more information early next week. But, more than likely, we will be doing a three month long triple-threat intravenous chemo regimen to try and shrink the current mucous/tumors so that they can do surgery to remove them. Mostly though, it seems like they want to get chemo started right away. Sounds like it could be as early as next week.

There were lots of tears and a little bit of anger today but we’ve also been able to smile! (And we encourage you to do the same.) Nick has already cracked a few jokes (yup, still the same ole Nick) and we’ve had a couple good laughs! We’ve even had a couple of speechless moments considering our little baby and the miraculous timing!!!! We couldn’t do this last year and we aren’t sure when the next time we will be “allowed” to try to have kids is – so this baby is just a MIRACLE!

WE ARE HOLDING ON TO TRUTH and know that everything is in God’s hands. And, we are fully planning on kicking cancer’s butt… AGAIN!!

Anyway, gotta keep this short for now. I am just past exhaustion and need some rest. But, before I close out…. We wanted to say that we REALLY appreciate all of your prayers over the last year and ask that you please keep them up because we will definitely need them!

Thanks so much everyone! Hug your loved ones extra long tonight! 

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  1. SeattleNightOut says:

    Alyssa and Nick: We are so very sorry to hear this. Our prayers and thoughts are with you as you fight this and BEAT it again! *hugs* Linda and Mark

  2. crozuno says:

    I’m so sorry you guys – I’m crushed thinking about all the conflicting emotions you must be experiencing. Will be praying like crazy for clear plans and wonderful, excessively clear MRI’s.

  3. junky22 says:

    Put on your armor and kick this cancer’s butt! We have swords in hand and will battle it with you!!Love you guy!Sandy & MichaelPMP Warriors

  4. junky22 says:


  5. ASL4GOD says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on the pregnancy!! I love how God gives us something wonderful to celebrate and focus on as a light in the midst of such difficult times. I have no words about the return of Nick’s cancer. I’m so, so sorry. You three will definitely stay in my prayers. Please let me know what I can do to help support you. Thank you for allowing us in so we can pray.

  6. Alyssa Magnotti says:

    Thank you for all of your prayers and comments! We REALLY appreciate your support. I’ll be posting an update with more details soon.

  7. Gayle Weed says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I am in prayer for all 3 of you! I also want to let you know how much I admire your courage, strength and confidence and how much you want to make sure that JESUS gets ALL the Glory, as that is where it belongs. I have been listening the last few days to a cancer summit that has the 10 top cancer doctors in the country speaking. Over and over again each one of them has reiterated how IMPERATIVE it is to have a good attitude. Kudos to you for being so confident and positive about your future! If in the future you find the need for some more positive resources and natural treatments I would encourage you to contact a CHRISTIAN (very cool!!) cancer center called The Oasis of Hope. Look them up online if your interested, it looks amazing and is Christ centered. Their treatments have been VERY, VERY successful even for stage 4 patients that have been told to seek hospice. I’m sure you are getting all kinds of advice left and right and I hope you can take this as a caring gesture and not a frustration. The more options the better, is how I look at it. The COOL thing is, you have options! = )
    Take care and thank you again for allowing God to work thru you for His Glory!! I truly believe He will honor you for that!
    God bless and keep on smiling and laughing as much as you can.
    = )

  8. Gary & Deanne Kruick says:

    We are so sad to hear that Nick’s cancer is back. I just have no words right now except that we will be holding you guys up in prayer. Only God knows what purpose He has in store, through all of this. But we know that all things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. I find it amazing that he has blessed you with a baby at a time like this. A little bright spot to carry you through as you kick cancer’s butt again.
    Keep us posted on how we can be of help. Love you guys.
    PS, How far along are you???? Congratulations!!

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