Did I Say Humble Pie? Super Bowl Bound

I don’t even know where to start. The support and love that has come through for my family has been incredible. I have so many stories to share. So many things to say… So many people to thank.

Sometime this morning, I added a few more to that list of people that I could never hope to repay. This morning, I found out that I am going to the SUPER BOWL! What?! WHAT?! Wait… WHAT?! Let me explain…

Hundreds and hundreds of people showed up for Nick’s Life Celebration on Saturday. It was amazing and God was truly present. Since he went home to be with Jesus, thousands of people have been sharing his story and watching his video. A couple of weeks ago, Russell Wilson himself tweeted about it. This morning, Jefferson Bethke shared it on his Facebook page. And, if you follow me on Facebook, this week, you saw that the Seahawks put together their own video for Nick where Russell Wilson himself said that he hoped to bring home the SuperBowl trophy FOR Nick. (In this video, Golden Tate also reminds us that God has a plan. And, Richard Sherman shared his wonderful smile and true heart for his fans. It’s stinkin incredible!)

Anyway… this morning, I got a call from Nick’s sweet sister, Michelle, that Overlake Community Church had two tickets to the Superbowl for me (WHAT?!) including the flight and hotel… Mind. Blown. Poor girl… All I could say for a solid five minutes was “What?!” I was speechless! I still can hardly wrap my head around it.

The story goes that a gentleman came in earlier this week and anonymously dropped off two tickets to the Super Bowl. He told the church to give them to someone who might need a little encouragement this year. One of the pastors had seen Nick’s Greatest Wish video and knew that Nick was a huge Seahawks fan from the video that Golden did. Overlake then decided that they wanted to give me (WHAT?!) the two tickets to the game and pay for my airfare and hotel! Can you believe it?

I am truly overwhelmed by the generosity of our community in all of the many ways they have reached out. I am so thankful for the support, the well wishes, the meals, the gifts, and especially the prayers (oh yeah, and these tickets…WhaT?). I don’t feel worthy. Of any of it. But, I’m also not crazy enough to turn down Super Bowl tickets… I obviously said yes. ;]

This coming week, I will be making my way over to New York with Nick in my heart, praise on my lips and wearing as much Seahawks gear as I possibly can! Wish me luck! And, let’s win it for Nick! GO HAWKS!



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  1. Laura Inglis says:

    I would certainly say that Nick’s legacy continues. I’m SO incredibly excited for you to be able to go to THE SUPERBOWL!!! Alyssa, I have to tell you that it has not only been Nick’s story or Nick’s heart that has been shared. You may not have been the one that physically got the cancer, but you are an AWESOME impact on others as well. Your continuing to share you and Nick’s story will continue touching people worldwide for a long time. Thank you for letting God use you.

    Now….get planning on that trip!! WOOHOO!!! GO HAWKS!!

  2. Carolann says:

    How amazing is this!? You are amazing and such an inspiration. You bring a heavenly perspective to such a broken world. Thank you! Have a wonderful get away! You are loved by so many and mostly by Jesus!

  3. Larry Snyder says:

    This is incredible! I know Nick will be right there rooting beside you. Bring home the WIN Team Magnotti!

  4. Desirea says:

    This touches my heart in so many ways ! I worked with Nick a few years ago and I am so sorry for your loss he was a wonderful man and through you his legacy can live on ! Don’t let up, God Bless.

  5. Joyce Ann Kievit says:

    Wonderful! According to the news this morning, it will be chilly and the snow will be a factor. I am so happy for you. I will be thinking about you! BRR..

  6. Kristina says:

    Wow, what an honor and true blessing that is!! I can’t help but be reminded of my very good friend that also passed from a rare cancer many years ago. He was a huge Hawks fan too and was blessed to be able to go to the SuperBowl in 06 when the Hawks went right before he passed! Although Nick wont be attending physically, he will be there in spirit. I just found it so amazing how similar the stories are but this time the story will be a little different when we WIN the SUPERBOWL this year!!! GOD IS GOOD!! I will continue to pray for your beautiful family to have peace and comfort! GO HAWKS!!!!!!

  7. Deanne Kruick says:

    Ditto to what Laura Inglis said. You go girl. Have a wonderful experience. God is using you mightily.

  8. Andrew says:

    I saw Nick’s video via FaithIt earlier today. Thank you for sharing it with the world. I’m sorry for your loss but so thankful for this man’s life and his testimony. I was going to root for Denver in the Super Bowl….but now I hope Seattle takes it home and Alyssa can cheer and smile and know she is loved by so many….most of all loved by God.

  9. Anika Hammond says:

    I may not share your faith, but you and Nick keep inspiring me. And now y’all even got me in the pickle of wanting to cheer for the Seahawks even though I am a Broncos fan. Enjoy your trip to the Superbowl. You deserve it.

  10. […] has been met with unexpected blessings. Just last week, she discovered that an anonymous donor had given her two tickets to the Super Bowl, along with airfare and hotel: This coming week, I will be making my way over to New York with Nick […]

  11. […] has been met with unexpected blessings. Just last week, she discovered that an anonymous donor had given her two tickets to the Super Bowl, along with airfare and hotel: This coming week, I will be making my way over to New York with Nick […]

  12. Mj says:

    New Jersey not New York! Us New Jersey people are getting very upset haha. Have a wonderful time!

  13. Sharon McSpadden says:

    I hope they pan the camera on you so that I can give you a standing ovation. I don’t really like football (I consider myself a football widow during the football season), but I will be watching this year and I am rootingfor the Hawks……GO HAWKS.

  14. Holly Schroeder says:

    I now KNOW why the SEAHAWKS won……..GOD and Nick were guiding them!! They did it for YOU, NICK!!!!! Hope you had a WONDERFUL time, Alyssa……….and bask in the LOVE!!! HE is with you and your lovely daughter now and forever!!!

  15. Pam Blackwell says:

    I love what you are saying to the world through your video. Saying that he is our God, our father. He is here and will be watching over your family and your baby girl. It takes a real man, a strong man to say these words. I praise you for saying them, to let others see, that we all are loved by God and that it always surrounds us. Thank you for letting us see that. You’ve let us take a peep into your life and we appreciate this, much love and peace to you and your family
    thank you

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