Wondering How We’re Doing?

Days pass so quickly and, at the same time, so slowly. Yesterday marked 3 months. 3 MONTHS. A quarter of a year since I’ve seen the one that I love. A quarter of a year since I saw the last breath leave his lungs. A quarter of a year since I saw his beautiful face. […]

April 8, 2014  /  11 Comments ››

Austyn Turns ONE!!

Little Miss Austyn turned ONE just a few days ago. What a blessing it is that I’ve been able to spend an entire year with her! I know her daddy is looking down on her, his heart swelling with pride. What a girl, what a gift… what a miracle she is! I work everyday on […]

March 28, 2014  /  7 Comments ››

Six Years Ago Today… I Got Engaged

My daughter and I leave for New York tomorrow. Isn’t it crazy how fast our plans can change? How fast our expectations can change? Six years ago today, Nick and I were visiting my mom for her birthday at my beloved childhood home in Lake Stevens, WA. A snowstorm had been in the forecast for […]

January 28, 2014  /  46 Comments ››