Positive (Test… then Think & Be!)


If you: Test Postive (for cancer).

Then: Think Positive (it will help with your treatment).

And: Be Positive (others will be inspired by you).

If you’ve ever tested positive for cancer (or any other serious disease for that matter), then it can be really hard to think positively at times. It can be really hard to be positive about your life, about your relationships, and about your diagnosis. But, with all your might, TRY. Because I believe in you. Because I think you can do it. Because in the face of all adversity, there is always hope.


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  1. soldbyangie says:

    You are so right Alyssa! My Mom is 2 years post op for the same cancer as Nick’s and she had a clean MRI today with Dr. Loggie. Thanks to God and thanks to Dr. Loggie! I wanted to share our positive news with you!

  2. Alyssa Magnotti says:

    Somehow I missed your comment till just now. I was filling a little down… So many people seem to be getting diagnosed with such horrible diseases and I decided to have a little pity party for myself, but reading your good news really lifted my spirits! It’s such amazing news, Angie! I am so happy for you and your mom! The Lord is SO good and He has such great plans for us, even if we aren’t always sure our plans are what we would have wanted for ourselves. Two years post op, huh? Looks like you guys are just ahead of us! I will pray for continued health for your mom!

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