You Always Have a Choice

Shared this on Facebook yesterday and thought I would share it here on the blog too since it got such a response. Never forget that you have a choice every single day. Be who you always wanted to be. Be that person today. <3

No matter your circumstance, you can choose happiness. Sometimes it’s harder than others; Sometimes the tears must come first. You have to feel your feelings then let them go. Be angry, be disappointed, be hurt, be broken, then remember – none of these emotions define who you are. You are who you choose to be. And you can choose to be a happy person again. Choosing happiness cultivates joy, and joy precedes miracles. 

This quote was also featured on a new site started by my dear friend that features incredible women who have lost a spouse but are choosing to seek light in the midst of the darkness. Check out for more inspirations.

Be Brave {in Him},


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  1. sarah says:

    the other night i was helping a friend who is going through hard times, who is also a single momma, and your family’s journey popped into my head. i had the opportunity to share with her, that even the scariest of our situations, goodness can still be present. When the darkest storms and waves come crashing down on us, we remember that through any sufferings God can bring ease, peace, joy and forgiveness, and we relax in our faith as we trust in him who brings us glory. I shared with her the video, and somehow through all your family’s sufferings, you were somehow able to find the utmost joy and have an outlook on life with peace ad ease. And all that came from God and our daily choices to be happy. Life does’t have to be any harder than we make it on ourselves. If every day you, alyssa, choose to be happy every day and be thankful, and not get stuck in your feelings of despair, and choose life, to let go and let God, we all can do it, if we allow it. you chose to live, every day, moving forward, with hope. after she watched the video, she said it changed her entire perspective on life! as it did mine and so many others out there.. the night after our conversation i went to church and our sermon was relevant to what we were talking about. about choosing to look in the mirror and still smile in the face of suffering. and tonight as i was about to write a blog prayer, your blog popped into my head, and i decided to enter it, and i scroll down to see the quote, and love how God works in mysterious ways;-)

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah, Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. My new blog is a bit more active. :]

      Thanks again for your response. So glad that I could help out in some small way. That my story could be comforting to another or strengthening brings me much joy. And, yes, he works in mysterious and wonderful ways! God bless you!

  2. My fiance runs the website, its not ready for launch yet. You and your late husband, Nick, are truly an inspiration to me. I can’t begin to know or understand the level of faith which the Lord has given you for such trials and tribulations. When I saw the video of Nick, it brought me to tears while I was sitting at work on the computer. Stephanie and I are also blood bought born-again Christians. We have a 19 month old son together. Your husband was a great man of God. I could immediately sense that he was a selfless man whose purpose in life went exceedingly far for the calling to be Christ-like. Your blog and the video have caused me to realize such faith as yours and Nick’s is possible to have. Anxiety, depression, and panic attacks have plagued me for years and continue to do so from time to time, but yours and your husbands faith in Jesus have allowed me to feel his love a little bit more than before. Thank you and Nick for being a vessel for the Lord Jesus to radiate His love through so beautifully

  3. PM says:


    Just stumbled across Nick’s video. It is both heartbreaking and inspiring.

    Unlike most people, I am perhaps more deeply impacted by this. I am reasonably certain I have cancer, and I haven’t told anyone. Not that I have anyone. There’s no spouse or kids or even any relatives. The only one I have is my brother who is a mental patient in a care home. I have no plans to tell him.

    And having just lost my job of 14 years, I no longer have medical coverage. So this cancer won’t go treated. No chemo. I am simply going to surrender. Unlike Nick, I have nothing to fight for, but like him I am unafraid of dying.

    I dont have a real message here, except that I’m not afraid. I don’t have any wise thoughts. Nothing heroic or like Nick.

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